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19 March 2012 @ 10:35 pm
Back From The Happiest Place on Earth French Style  
So I just came back from Disneyland Paris, an amazing place! I was embarrassed at first to tell my host parents where I was going for the weekend (because, hey, my Disney love is a bit like a guilty pleasure...), but they were really excited for me to go. :) I booked an apartment with R. through airbnb, and we got this amazing place that's only 6 minutes away from the actual park by bus. <3 The park comprised of the main Disneyland (which is very similar to the one in Anaheim), Walt Disney Studios (like California Adventures), and Disney Village (Downtown Disney).Although most of the rides are basically replicas of the ones at Anaheim, there are a couple with some major changes (and even completely different rides). The Indiana Jones, for example, is an actual intense roller coaster in France, complete with inversions and heavy drops. I really liked the roller coaster idea for Indiana Jones, but I still missed the L.A. version with the story. 

They also had Aerosmith (which I rode in Disney World), that's missing from the parks in Anaheim. <3 It's such a fun ride, goes from 0 - 54km in around 5 seconds or so. 

THE BEST RIDE THOUGH WAS CRUSH'S COASTER. Which doesn't exist anywhere in the world. It's based on Finding Nemo, and it's a roller coaster where you get to sit on a "turtle's shell." The coolest part though is that the turtle's shell spins in circles while you are experiencing drops and turns. So there's a lot of times where we'd be lurching forward, but spinning around and going on the next dive completely backwards or so. It's amazing. I loved it. Also, got to practice my French. :3 We met a couple of cool French guys who showed us around the parks (they have annual passes and are regulars), and got us to go on rides past the closing time of the parks (though sweet talking the amusement park workers in French for us~). (Although things got awkward when it was revealed that they were a year younger than us, and wanted to..uh..get more friendly). It was an amazing experience overall though!! 

The castle at Disneyland Paris is supposed to be the most gorgeous out of all the parks, and I can't help but agree. :) 

Big Thunder Mountain! It's not surrounded by stuff like it is in Anaheim, so you can appreciate the mountain in all its glory. 

A dragon hidden inside the Castle. 

My highlight was seeing the Aladdin. So cute. <3 Also I got a picture with Jack Sparrow, but R. has it on her camera. :(  This entry was originally posted at http://yuji.dreamwidth.org/115463.html. Please comment there using OpenID.