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13 March 2012 @ 11:04 pm
one day the pictures will be here i swear  
I'm just a lazy butt who doesn't want to change all my photos from its 2000px sized glory to 500 px glory for this blog. But once  get over that, I will post some pictures on this sad, boring looking blog. Also, my internet is so crappy here that it literally days, I kid you not, DAYS, to upload 80 photos onto facebook. So...it might take a while. 

I just wanted to say that there are 2 Italian high schoolers staying for a week at my home stay. :) I think my home stay parents  are addicted to hosting people, because a month ago there was an Argentinian from Buenos Aires who stayed with us for a week. Anyhow, these two high schoolers are from Bologna (close to Florence!). 

They speak French at around the same level as me, and after dinner I chatted with them, except we switched to ENGLISH because their English is better than their French. I have to say, I felt guilty when Andreas looked at me because it's weird speaking English in my home stay house. :( But I can't help it, I have no personality in French! I make people laugh in English! 

But yeah, just talking to foreigners makes me feel so awkwardly proud to be american. It's weird because so many tourist-y sites (and people in the US in general) always say how you shouldn't broadcast being American. But honestly, everyone who finds out I'm from California or the US are always either excited or at their worst, ambivalent. These two Italians were gushing over what I watched and what I listened to. (They watch and listen to pretty much the same things). It's strange to think of America as the world's modern pop culture center. They wanted to know about my daily life and if it was similar to their tv shows (so wanted to lie and say yes!). And it's just weird, because pretty much most of the Americans I know are so jaded about our country. 

On a better note! I just bought new pens. >> And I have been drawing none stop with them. <3 

On another note! I have been talking more to A. and J. They are both very amusing, especially A., who I know likes the attention. 
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