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21 January 2012 @ 01:17 am
New Goal: Speak English in Public Places  
 So today R. and I were going to meet up with some Erasmus (aka, European study abroad students! or people who speak English but are not from America!), but unfortunately, we couldn't seem to find them and we did not have their phone numbers. So, as we were out anyways, we just went into our not-so-favorite English bar to get half-off cocktails, and then decided to head to a movie theater. 

Actually, wait, I suck at telling stories. This isn't relevant to the story, actually, but earlier today, we saw a French movie sans sous-titres, called Intouchables, which is the 2nd highest grossing French movie of all time in France. It's very very good. I highly recommend it. Although my French skills are no way up to par, I had no trouble following the story or seeing what was going on. It was tough understanding a couple of characters and catching the jokes, but all in all, I would say I know what happens and still enjoyed it despite the language barrier. :) I was worried at first, there being no subtitles, and me sucking at French, but yay! I guess my French is actually improving. 
Anyway, back to the story. We decided to head to a movie theater (same one we saw Intouchables at), to catch a movie at 10pm. The movie theater we went to, UGC, is cool in that it has these touch screen movie ticket ordering places, which is cool but sucks for non-French people because they don't accept non-French credit cards. I was just playing with one of them, trying to figure out which movie to watch since it had all the times up, but wasn't actually intending to buy anything because I can't. But slowly, a line started to form behind us. There was a group of 3 guys next to us, and I was worried that we were holding up the line.

Since my native language is English, my natural reaction to things is to respond in English, despite being in a foreign country, thus: 

Me (to the 3 random guys): Ack, sorry, I'm not actually buying anything, here. 
One of the guys: Oh, it's alright, we're just gonna use this machine instead. 

Thus the start of a beautiful friendship. Haha no, not really. We all started chatting however, and discovered that the 3 guys are actually from England and are just abroad. It pretty amazing. R. and I just ended up watching Mission Impossible with them, and then parted ways after the movie. :) Maybe we'll end up seeing them someday. Haha. It was an awesome experience though. Just randomly talking to a bunch of strangers on accident and having a pleasant experience. :) I wish we ended up going to a bar or something after the movie and just chatted though, since I miss talking to people in English / actually sounding like a human because I can properly express myself in a language I know.  This entry was originally posted at http://yuji.dreamwidth.org/113217.html. Please comment there using OpenID.