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11 January 2012 @ 06:53 pm
These Are All Pictures I Took Last Friday  
It's been taking me a while to actually upload my pictures. But god, Bordeaux is just so beautiful. Last Friday, we got out relatively early (around 1ish I believe), and I just wandered around the center of the city with a couple other EAP students. We explored the Gironde (the river), who's bridge the Pont de Pierre is just freaking fantastic.

Here's a picture of just a normal sidewalk.

While walking around, we decided to go to the tallest building we could see, which ended up being the Basilique Saint-Michel.

This is really just going to be a picture spam. Here is the Fleche de Saint Michel, a bell tower, I believe.

Err, and no, the sky isn't actually that blue. Haha, I wish! Although, last week it was really nice weather (unlike today, which was foggy as hell and freezing for my standards).

Bordeaux also has a lot of small little plazas and open spaces within certain streets. I don't quite remember which one this Plaza was called, but it's really close to a clock tower.

I have a close up of the aluminum/steel boulders on a group. They are usually children crowding around it, just running and jumping. A little boy waved and yelled out "Au revoir!" when us EAP students left (which was super adorable~)

So that's it for pictures. :)

Today is the Lancement of Les Soldes, a 6 week long, government mandated sale throughout all of France. It only occurs twice a year, and we're lucky enough to be around while it's going on! It started today, and each day prices get lower and lower, though the inventory goes down as well. We got out of class early again today, so almost everyone just headed out to Rue Sainte Catherine, one of the longest pedestrian streets (2km), filled with stores and boutiques, just to shop. :) Almost every store is 50% off, with some going up to 80% off. It was very crazy and very fun, with very very long lines. I didn't buy that much...but I plan on going back a lot seeing as I live in downton. 8D It's pretty difficult finding things, however, due to the swarms of people. It's all very chaotic. I have a big exam tomorrow, but tomorrow is Thirsty Thursday, and on Friday we're going to Saint Émilion for wine tasting as a class.


I just bought plane tickets to Porto from Bordeaux because of some sale, although this was the only place Bordeaux went to that was super cheap. All in all, round trip ticket including all the administrative/web fees was 40 euros. WTF, without the 12 euro charge for "administration," the flight would've been 27. Fucking amazing. I love traveling. Haha, wasn't even thinking about going to Portugal, but who can say no to a round-trip flight that costs cheaper than a one-way ticket to socal. Cheaper than the peacoat I wear to school. Guhhh I love this. I just want to go traveling every weekend. >> 
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